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We have been in the jade business for more than 10 years. Now we has a workshop for more than 20 workers. Our jadeite rough stone is generally imported from Myanmar via Yunnan border,china (so called "Myanmar Jade").Our own designer computer drawing according to the characteristics of each piece of rough stone.via processing, and finishing, perfect jade products will be on the market. We only sell real jade, and it is also the only jade with collectible value. Real jade is also called the A+ grade . The A-grade of Jadeite refers to the pure natural jade, unfinished texture of the top of the fine jade, the folks also known as "Living jade".Only A-grade jade has value of preservation and investment. We often mention the words shape, color, water, glue, fluorescing, rigidity, etc. when choosing the jade. So how to choose a perfect jade?

Shape size:

Among all kinds of jadeites, experts will bit several times more price for one of them becuase it is more full, round, thoughtful, symmetrical and beautiful. For example, the two pieces of the same piece of jade stone material, with the same color, water, size, But actually, one is thin, one is full. If both are high-priced, and the price may differ by several times in the evaluation.


What color of jade is good? The rank of colors from good to bad, the best colors of jade are: grandmother green, emerald green, apple green, yellow sap green. The following are violet, red, yellow, yellow, blue, gray.

Planting water, fluorescing, and glue:

1. When the interior of a jadeite is small and the naked eye is almost invisible, this is the so-called “old and fine meat”. Coupled with the appropriate shape of the later engraving, there will be a phenomenon of fluorescence (fluorescence).

2, fluorescence is an optical phenomenon, emeralds are fluorescent, and then popularly speaking, a jade through the refraction of light makes the whole piece of jade bright and dark, causing a visual contrast to the human eye, the stronger the fluorescence, the more obvious the contrast.

3, the glue is a piece of jade. It looks like a piece of solidified glue. When you turn it, as the surface light acts, it looks like flowing glue. The light is reflected on the surface of the emerald. It’s a whole piece, it’s continuous, so it looks like a piece of glue! When the crystal particles are very small and the species is very old. If the crystals are arranged in an orderly manner, the crystals will be brightened. When the crystal particles are small and the species is very old, the crystals will be glued when the crystal arrangement is disordered.


Only the texture of the jade is very delicate and compact. The reflection after polishing is very strong, and the senses give a kind of toughness, which is called rigidity. First of all, the rigidity of jadeite must be old, and it is impossible to have strong rigidity in the new jadeite.

The so-called "people raise jade, jade raise people", jade is such a kind of thing that really good to talk about fate, Sometimes we tried and like it much but it doesn't fit our size. Therefore, some people say that jade is a priceless . Hopefully everyone can buy the jade with satisfaction!

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